We caught up with the lovely Jesse Nelson from Little Mix to talk about the band's brand new album Salute, their recent X Factor performance and working with Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud.

RTÉ Ten: Salute has a more mature sound than your debut album. Was this intentional?
Jesse: On the first album [DNA] it was all about finding out who we were as artists. It was the first time we got to experience songwriting and stuff. We were able to learn from the first album what worked and what didn't. Personally, I'm a huge fan of RnB, so it was cool to be able to use that on this album [Salute]. We're all growing up now, so experimenting with sound just came naturally.

Your new single Move has a Destiny's Child/90s vibe to it. Why did you pick this as Salute's debut single?
We just think it's a really fun comeback single. It's about not taking yourself too seriously and not being too-cool-for-school. We're all about that. We just love being silly – and the song really does make you want to move!

How long did it take to record the album?
Just 12 days. We didn't have long at all. We wrote the whole album a month before and then we literally had under two weeks to record the whole thing. It was mental because we were flying backwards and forwards to Japan and Australia.

What is your favourite song on the album?
Mine is Salute. It's just so empowering. It gives me goosebumps. I absolutely love it. It's like my kind of music. It makes me really want to dance too.

The choreography in Move is on point? Will we be seeing more dancing from Little Mix in the future?
Definitely! We absolutely love dancing. When we got the chance to dance in Wings and How Ya Doin'? it was amazing. I kind of feel like that's what separate us from other groups. We can sing and we can dance.

Your outfits are getting more adventurous. Are you more comfortable to take style risks now?
It just comes with growing up. We're maturing more and getting more confident. I think fashion just evolves. When we first started out we were all really colourful. Now that we're getting older, it's getting a bit more sleek and chic.

What was is like working with Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud again?
She's so lovely. Nicola is an amazing songwriter. She wrote two of the songs with us on the album. It's always a pleasure working with her.

Aside from Missy Elliot, if you had to pick another dream artist to collaborate with. Who would it be?
Nicki Minaj! We feel like she could be the fifth member of Little Mix.

Little Mix are performing at the Childline Concert at the end of November. What do you make of your Irish fans?
We adore our Irish fans. Ireland was one of the most memorable venues on our tour. The crowd in Dublin were epic. They are so fun and they're always up for a laugh. Before we came on stage, we could hear everyone in the audience singing along with the music. We always look forward to going there.  

You recently performed Move on the X Factor. Is it still surreal when you go back?
OMG, do you know what? I think it feels even more surreal every time we go back. Each time it gets weirder and weirder. It's petrifying because when you go back, you feel like you have to be even better than the last time.

We also feel like we have to prove why we won it. There's loads of pressure. We do feel so proud going back though. Sometimes I forget that we won the X Factor. It's great to see our old friends and all of the people that we worked with. We also love meeting all of the new contestants.

Finally, Christmas is creeping up. Any fun plans?
I'm being a bit of a bore this Christmas. I feel like I should be saying I'm going away somewhere, but I'm not. We hardly ever get any time off. We're always flying, so I just want to stay at home with my family. Hopefully it will snow, so it will be like a proper Christmas.  

Salute is on sale now!