The Overtones' new album, Saturday Night at the Movies, is released this Friday, November 1, and we're giving you the chance to listen to it.

Saturday Night at the Movies is described as "a glorious celebration of some of the most loved songs in cinematic history" and finds the quintet "reinvigorating iconic songs from famous films such as Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Cocktail and The Jungle Book with their own timeless sense of style".

"We see from our concerts that our fans want to get up, dance and have a great night out," explains The Overtones' Lachie Chapman. "So we've worked really hard to get the real stonkers in there – the songs that will put a smile on people's faces and a dance-step in their feet."

"I think the lads are going to love singing along and pretending they're a crooner, and the girls are going to love playing it on a hen night," adds Darren Everest. "We've really found our feet with our upbeat signature sound."

To pre-order the album, click here.

The Overtones