Great news for karaoke fans! Simon Cowell has insisted he will never retire, saying he would rather drop dead on the job than quit his career and drift into pipe and slippers mode.

The dark lord of plastic pop and reality TV head honcho explained to posh UK paper The Torygraph, sorry, The Telegraph that retiring is not an option for him. "The idea of getting up in the morning to play golf makes me want to jump off a bridge," the 53-year-old succinctly quipped.

Cowell also opens up about his love life and his well-documented splits from former girlfriends and fiancées. He calls long-term relationships "a boring routine", adding: "when no matter how big your house is, you are going to end up on the same sofa, in the same bed or in the same room as a person".

His most recent relationship, an engagement to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy, ended in 2012, though he remains close to all his former flames.

Cowell spoke about his desire to be alone, saying it's "the best thing in the world" for him. "I’m fine as I am. I think that when you get into a rut, it gets boring. It's like breathing in oxygen - I can really switch off then."

In an interview with The Sun last year, Cowell said "I’m attracted to crazy women. I encourage crazy behaviour and I make them crazy"