Ah, once again, the poignancy of times past. Remember the days when you could lose yourself for hours on end in a vinyl album's artwork? CDs and digital really enhanced that experience, eh? The cover of The Precipice of Change would've made for great mind-rambling back in the golden age, but thankfully Parhelia's music also allows for that freedom.

With a great many instrumental bands, heroics triumph over hooks. Not so here: for all the we-can-play power, there's a catchiness to the seven songs that many post-rock outfits leave until last on the checklist, if at all. The 35-minute running time avoids any epic excess, with the production giving that all-important space where you can hear what everyone is doing.

This isn't one of those all-too-often records where the bassist should be wondering whether to spend their time in different company. The same goes for you.

Harry Guerin