Reviving post-punk’s arty and fiercely-independent origins, No Age’s dedication to their roots is no empty posturing. Everything guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Allen Spunt do is based on their own vision, from their unique approach to packaging to the guitar buzz meets dissosant mood music style. It’s a spirit that largely burns through in the LA duo’s actual sound – a mix of 90s slacker rock, experimental art rock (their song titles alone are worthy of Mike Watt’s weird brains fIREHOSE), and 80s hardcore blitzkrieg. An Object initially sounds as vague and willful as its title suggests but when it’s not drifting listlessly in and out of focus with the momentous sound waves of Commerce, Comment, Commence, No Age deliver incisive punky sneers on the wonderful C’mon, Stimmung, the terrific No Ground, and the atonal clomp of Circling With Dizzy. As with the title of one of the songs here, it often leaves more of a lingering impression than real sonic scars but No Age is a constantly moving and always intriguing target. Play loud.

Alan Corr