As with Bruno Mars' Marry You, the wedding DJs and video makers have been down on bended knee in their front rooms thanking the soundtrack gods for Grow Old with Me, the opening heartstring-puller (of 10) on piano player Tom Odell's debut. Meanwhile, in their secret volcano base the matching white cats of Chris Martin and Keane's Tom Chaplin have gone half-deaf from all the maniacal laughing.

After one listen to Long Way Down you know it would be easier to break out of a Supermax prison than escape the songs, and for the loads of people happy to buy one album a year 2013 is all sorted.

For Odell, the challenge now is to use that safety net as a way to avoid making the same record over and over. At 22, he's still drawing more power from his influences than individuality, but there's a long way to go - his wee small hours wandering on Sense could lead to some interesting places, while the spark and stomp of Hold Me says a tearaway troubadour would be happy to get out.

Hmmm, sounds like Plush's More You Becomes You is the one record he needs to buy by December.

Harry Guerin