Swedes Free Fall have a song called World Domination. Modesty? Meh - unlike a million other lippy bands they actually have the tunes and chops to go with the master plan. And along with Clutch's Earth Rocker, Power & Volume could be your savage and swaggering surprise of the year.

Channelling the spirit of golden years AC/DC, Van Halen and The Who, it's wiry, whip smart and, even though they're not young fellas, chock full of cockiness. With screeches worthy of a muscle car chase in Kojak, you'd fear for singer Kim Fransson's larynx in the long run, but if the honey and lemon do their magic then Free Fall have set up album number two beautifully with the chugging moodiness of Attila.

In the meantime, this is pretty much everything a hard rock debut should be – heed Fransson's advice and turn it up "lowdaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"!

Harry Guerin