The Louth band turn up the ambition and the energy on their great second album

Ah, inhale that golden scent of adventure. Brothers-in-riffs of And So I Watch You from Afar, Enemies have also decided to spring clean the sound a bit on their latest and have taken on a real spurt as songwriters since 2010 debut We've Been Talking - a big grin of an album in itself. Three years on you can hear voices - The Cast of Cheers' Conor Adams on can't-sit-still single Executive Cut; Heathers and Croupier's Oisin Murphy vying for the Most Beautiful Cameo of the Year award on Nighthawks and North West respectively - bask in that glow of end of the day mellowness and become hung up on tracks far quicker. While there are still opportunities to flex the mosh muscles in your neck, the ambition, interplay and atmospherics have been turned right up, with those 'Soweto guitars' so beloved of instrumental rockers not as prevalent. Calling a track after Barry White's Love Unlimited does not signal any forays into soul, but there's as much heart here as any between the sheets shenanigans the big man put his name to.

Harry Guerin