Louis Stewart and Jim Doherty finally got around to making an eleven-track album of standards. No guru, no method, no teacher, just guitar and piano at sprightly interplay

Pianist Jim Doherty and guitarist Louis Stewart have known each other as musical partners since they were teenagers, which was not today not yesterday. Let’s just say a lot of water under the bridge, and many other projects spent working apart in other scenarios too. But this long-cherished collaboration has finally came to fruition, urged on by Daire Winston who engineered this delightful eleven-track record.

The album opens breezily and unfussily with the upbeat It Could Happen to You, the old Burke & Van Heusen standard. Louis and JIm wait until track five, Comme Ci, Comme Ca (written by three chaps called respectively Coquatrix, Dudan and Goell) to air their wistful, melancholic side. I Surrender Dear is equally blue but in a nice way that glows with tenderness.

Mostly the two boys are stoking a pleasant, mellow mood on defiantly light and positive numbers like Button Up Your Overcoat. Even I Remember You - a Schertzinger & Mercer composition - is only moody for the opening bars, and soon gets zippy. This kind of music-making holds up a big poster that says "Don't Worry . . . "

Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy. This is not a record to be moving around the house to - you may just slip out of the low-key, unpretentious mood the pair conjure for you.

Paddy Kehoe