Whatever the genre, there's one acid test for any debut album: if you were walking past a venue and heard it being played live, would you go in? Well, in the case of fiddle player Nic Cormaic, elbow room might be at a premium.

Joined here by Frank Tate (bouzouki), Steve Larkin (fiddle), Kevin Murphy (cello) and Paul Conlon (bodhrán), Cuas na bhFáinleog/The Hollow of the Swallows mixes light and dark, with some surprises between the jigs and the reels.

Despite its title, there's an Unthanks-in-Spain vibe to The Sperrin Waltz, while An Glaoch wouldn't have been out of place on the soundtrack to The Woman in Black. Elsewhere, you'll find substantial mood-enhancing properties on An Leanbh Nua and the perfect closer in sweet lullaby Oileán na mBan.

It would be good to hear more percussion and a selection of singers on the next record, but until then, see you down the front.

Harry Guerin