The last time Dave Grohl lined up a dozen-plus guests in front of a revolving door it resulted in Probot, one of the greatest metal albums of the past two decades.

For this side project (and soundtrack album) he's teamed up with icons (Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks), underground legends (Masters of Reality's Chris Goss, FEAR's Lee Ving) and other Sound City clients like Josh Homme and Trent Reznor to pay tribute to the hallowed LA studio.

The results, while not as stunning as Probot, are both suitably eclectic and surprisingly cohesive.

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Here, everything from break-the-hi-hat punk to Foo Fighters-style rockouts to hippie scarves a swirling make the cut, with Goss' Time Slowing Down and Corey (Slipknot) Taylor's From Can to Can't two real nuggets.

Like most LP love-ins, chances are you'll get hung up on some tracks more than others, but Sound City will have you thinking about who Grohl should recruit for his next fantasy band.

James Hetfield, Mike Ness and Paul Simonon anyone?

Harry Guerin