No loss without a gain, no gain without a loss - as in love, so in albums. Twins Tegan and Sara's latest adventures of the heart see them diving quiffs-first into the sugary keyboards and sumptuous production of all-things-80s pop - more Day-Glo legwarmers than natty Converse.

From the first few seconds of the first track and single Closer, Heartthrob sounds like the record to give the sisters the mainstream, but quirks and edges have been lost along the way. Indeed in a perfect world, that big breakthrough would've happened with 2009's Sainthood, a great, start-to-finish record. Here, the energy flags in the later stages and there are the conflicting emotions of thinking that Tegan and Sara are taking a risk but also playing it safe.

What's for them won't pass them by. For you this is one of those rare occasions where raking over the past will bring even more pleasure.

Harry Guerin