Will 2013 be the year that the world finally swoons over the swagger of California boys Rival Sons? Let's hope so – the songs on third album Head Down deserve the masses, and to be name-checked by the legends.

From spit-and-sawdust soundtracks to deep hits of the morning sun, there's both pelvis and psyche action here, with singer Jay Buchanan as good at in-your-face as introspection. The perfectly formed and titled Wild Animal is the single you don't want to share but is too good not to, while the joy of hearing a rock band really getting into their stride is a joy throughout.

It takes a special kind of record to make you hanker for a pool table in your home and an infinity pool out back, but you'll be measuring out the walls and garden while blasting this one.

You'll have built the statue in its honour in your head after the first listen.

Harry Guerin