"Red wine and tan lines", the opening lyric to gorgeous opener Cat Fantastic, will get many a listener hankering for summer. But whether they'll all still be feeling quite so warm and fuzzy towards this Oxford outfit at the end of is another thing.

In terms of musicianship, TTNG (previously trading as This Town Needs Guns) arrive with plenty of chops and, as In the Branches of Yggdrasil and other tracks show, can hold their own with the noodliest of instrumental and math rock outfits from across the Atlantic.

A shame, then, that they don't do enough to distinguish themselves from the US bands that others hold so dear: American Football, Deep Elm alumni, Minus the Bear and others come to mind far too early and often while listening. And they're catchier.

Along with the need for more hooks, frontman Henry Tremain also has to build up his strength as a singer, because for all the time changes there's that recurring feeling that you've been listening to the same track for quite a while.

A frustrating album, but one with some class moments - despite that name change they shouldn't hang up their guns just yet.

Harry Guerin