Like labelmates, compatriots and kindred spirits Graveyard, Sweden's Witchcraft have put themselves in a cul-de-sac with their moniker, and again it would be a real shame if people didn't hear them because of the name. This is a great classic-meets-stoner rock record by yet another band who should be on any 2013 checklist.

From frontman Magnus Pelander's clean and clear vocals, to the savage tag team guitars and bass and drums telepathy, the quintet are masters of genius grooves and grandstand finishes but never let their gifts as players overcrowd the songs - even at 50 minutes, not a second is wasted.

Should Josh Homme be looking for a support act to take out on Queens of the Stone Age's next adventure – an outfit who'll keep him hungry night in, night out - then a call to Sweden needs to be made. On this evidence, Witchcraft are only missing two things: an 's' in their album title and you as a disciple.

Harry Guerin