As New Year's mission statements go, a song called Use My Body While It's Still Young takes some beating – a soundtrack for sin, goodness and all points in between. This drums and hollers spirit-rouser goes like a train and is one of a number of startling moments on Norwegian-born, Stockholm-based Karijord's latest, a record that makes listeners do a bit of work but is never a tough listen.

Handclaps, harps, heartaches and choirs aiming for the heavens all have a place here, with Karijord's sound both sparse and rich. Her voice is so strong she could do every track a cappella and there are even times when you sense she has an upbeat, summery album in her.

Not that you'll be in any rush to hear it; stepping into the darkness here brings its own peculiar warmth, and you'll be able to hum along now and then while finding your way.

Rebekka Karijord plays the Workman's Club in Dublin on Friday January 18