A solo album and a great partnership that began in a library... James Cramer is the frontman for Dublin band Tupelo. Matt Duggan was a Fermanagh postman and former World War II POW who had many of his poems published in the local press before his death in 1979.

Thirty years later, Duggan's son Gerry gathered his father's writing in a book called From Mountain to Lough: The Collection, and it spoke to Cramer from a shelf while he was browsing.

Now that real find for the singer has turned into one for the listener: putting Duggan's words to music, Cramer has created a warm, rich folk-roots record where the only disappointment is that it's too short.

Duggan's sense of place is superb and these stories of the magnets of home and memory, the rhythms of city and country life and the weight of history have brought out the best in Cramer as a songwriter and performer. He's made the world a little bit better by sharing his love of this unknown treasure and should tackle more of Duggan's work.

There's also a movie in here somewhere, with half a great soundtrack is already in the can.

Harry Guerin