Orphan Code's debut disappeared in legal spaghetti and was never released, residing instead in bootleg limbo. That's enough to send most bands under, but they heeded Al Green's timeless advice, toughed it out and five years later have a follow-up.

Album number two is a brief encounter at 33 minutes but doesn't suffer for it – squeezing two full listens into an hour-and-a-bit is no bad thing these days.

The nine tracks here range from indie disco contenders (Friendly Fire, Desperado) to a galloping love song with the vocal melody from Art Garfunkel's Bright Eyes (The Girl Whose Eyes Stopped War) and, even more oddly, one that recalls the "In Germany I'm Johann; in England I am John" theme from TV show Storybook International (Little Martyr Me).

While there's a sense of a band still trying to settle on their sound, the drama and riffage Orphan Code pull off on Such a Long Way Down and the pounding 80s-tinged closer Fragile suggest that epic is the way to go.

They have more to offer than perhaps they have given themselves credit for. The worst is the past; stick at it.

Harry Guerin