Part of the magic on Bombay Bicycle Club's never-too-much Lights Out, Words Gone, singer-songwriter, road warrior and on-tour tea and jam purveyor Lucy Rose has turned in a strong debut with comfort blanket-like hideouts and uptempo tracks that have the power to blow away those solitude cobwebs.

Those who wander from Bombay-way down to Warwickshire (drums aside, Like I Used To was recorded at her folks' house) will already know that the 23-year-old's voice is special, but even they will have to upgrade their assessment of her talent after the likes of Shiver and Watch Over. And despite all the hubbub surrounding it, newcomers should have no hipster hang-ups about approaching this record - it is delicate, honest and open.

"I hope this is the first of many albums," Rose concludes on the liner notes. If only everything else in life and love was so certain.

Harry Guerin