If ever a band evoked images of a guitarist flinging himself into a drum kit and a bass player with a neck like a Wavin pipe it's Jogging. Such are the melee and muscle conventions of hardcore and punk rock, but on Take Courage there's the sense that this band can put their own slant on them and heed the album's title in the future.

The money saved to work with American producer Chris Common (previous clients: Mastodon, Minus the Bear, Pelican) has been well spent with all instruments distinguishable, a crispness throughout and melodies surviving the pummelling - not always the norm for outfits in the genre in which Jogging operate.

Their finest moments come when they show their indie hearts with the guitars on Every Bristle a Bayonet and throw in a bit of plinky-plonky mischief on Horse Sense, which only serves to add to Jogging's vein-bulging power.

As their moniker suggests, you might have to pause from time to time to catch your breath, but you'll feel glad to be alive by the finish.

Harry Guerin