Scottish singer James Yorkston continues to plough a lonely furrow as a purveyor of folk intimacy on this wonderfully-titled new album. It’s his first release after a four-year break marked by personal upheaval and it’s a record that demands very, very close attention as it slowly yields its mysteries and deep detail. This Line Says is as beautifully woven as a tapestry, Kath and Rhodes sounds as natural as a mountain stream but there in the background, electronic effects tinkle away and seem to meld into the softly-played Rhodes keyboard. When an oboe lows desolately on A Short Blues and Yorkston’s faltering voice rises and falls over barely-there piano, a drowsy fishing-village-at-night contentment sets in but the reverie is shattered on the clattering Border Song and final track, I Can Take All This. Yorkston creates some wonderful moods and moments on I was a Cat from a Book.

Alan Corr