With a name like that you might expect Kyla La Grange to be an ultra-slick disco dolly with Calvin Harris on speed dial and a Diplo remix in the offing. What a surprise then that the UK-born singer of South African origin is actually a performer who works in the rock genre. However, it’s not the rock genre of blazing guitars and cliché. Been Better is the most rockular thing here as it writhes and spits riffs but it’s swiftly followed by Heavy Stone on which La Grange voice has the vulnerability of a flickering flame. She can sure do rock dynamics and affecting balladry with equal aplomb. You Let it Go takes a another approach altogether, setting La Grange’s vocals up against sparse drums and harmonies while Catalyst has something of the airy grandeur and sense of longing of her old schoolmates, The Staves. Lyrically, 24-year-old La Grange perhaps overkills youth’s obsession with death but this is a very impressive debut and far more listenable than Florence Welch’s windy caterwauling.

Alan Corr