When he's not on the road, Ben Glover gets the milk and paper in both his Antrim hometown of Glenarm and Nashville, Tennessee. It would be a good thing if he could bring more of that love of contrasts to his music.

Four albums in, Glover has a beautifully produced record in Do We Burn the Boats? and a fine, experience-soaked voice, but for a man of his talents he plays it far safer than is necessary.

Uptempo tracks here like Uncomplicated and War to Believe could've really rocked if the guitars had been cranked up and while the self-penned ballad Do What You Do is the best song on the record, it's a case of diminishing returns on the other slow songs.

For all his love of Nashville legends, Glover could find much inspiration in the careers of two Minneapolis icons, Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg – men who burned the maps.

Harry Guerin