Sadly, the opening track of Passion Pit’s second album should strike a chord for a lot of people in Ireland right now. The song is called Take a Walk and it tells the tale of a family living beyond its means, borrowing too much, and sinking into denial as harsh reality finally flattens them. It’s a global story and a sign that Passion Pit, the most ebullient-sounding act of recent years, is taking heed of urgent issues. But like MGMT before them, the Massachusetts act have often written tough lyrics wrapped in upbeat music and on Gossamer, falsetto-voiced Michael Angelakos is also brutally honest about his personal demons and a crumbling romance. I’ll Be Alright may be a hyperactive overload of electronic effects that screams pop but under the hubbub there’s another sobering tale. Carried Away returns to themes of greed with eighties pop trimmings with Angelakos sounding like a slightly less sardonic Donald Fagen arching an eyebrow at modern consumerism. It all sounds as sweet and bright as candy but with a dark and bitter centre and just like a visit to the pick `n’ mix counter, the sugar rush can be overwhelming. Best not to overdose.

Alan Corr