You’ve got to feel for The View. Five years ago, the Scottish scallywags were on the brink of a massive breakthrough but as with lesser acts such as The Kooks, the return of dance pop has left them listing with diminishing chart returns and radio play. No matter. Now signed to veteran but maverick label Cooking Vinyl, The View have made a defiantly celebratory fourth album that still stings with whip smart guitar pop, chant-along choruses, and which still finds distaff lead singer Kyle Falconer rolling his Rs like a mischievous elocution teacher. How Long rollicks along on cantering drums and an anthemic chorus; Hold On Now is pure bottled euphoria extolling the virtues of old school rock `n’ roll hedonism; Anfield Row blasts away the ennui of stifling small town blues; and Bullet and Lean On My World display a growing sophistication. Perfect party music for rainy days stuck indoors.

Alan Corr