Call it the Amy/Adele/Duffy theory. Winehouse and Atkins released debut albums that turned out to be entrees to mega follow ups while poor Duffy had the opposite career curve. So where does that leave the much-tipped La Havas? If the hype swirling around the 22-year-old Londoner wasn’t so distracting then this well-crafted debut might be able to breathe on its own terms. As it is, Is Your Love Big Enough? reveals that she can slip between airy songs of heartache (Lost & Found) to more robust near rock outs (the excellent title track) and that she’s also a technically brilliant and evocative singer. Au Cinema would be aural wallpaper if it wasn’t for an inspired switch to a wonderfully strange, off-the-beat feel after the first verse. Her brittle, edgy guitar playing sounds great too. Forget the theory; La Havas sounds like she’s already a master of quality nu soul.

Alan Corr