Two weeks ago, apocalyptic nu metal rappers Linkin Park were kept off the Irish Number One spot by Jedward. Not quite a battle of the Titans - volcanic suburban angst versus joyfully dumb pop - but never underestimate the power of the tweens. It puts the Californian sextet’s fifth studio album into perspective; is their brand of militant rock rap well past its sell by date? Core members, mewling emo boy Chester Bennington and drill sergeant rapper Mike Shinoda, do attempt to dilute the existentialism with some experimentation. Lost in the Echo flirts with melodic Europop and bold hip hop beats, Victimized will scream down your bedroom with its massive vocals before switching to a piano ballad, and there are some great warped industrial drums on Skin and Bone. Again produced by Rick Rubin, electronics clash with industrial distortion and guitars and while it’s enjoyably cathartic in places, for all the spleen-venting and sad reflection, Living Things is a strangely uninvolving affair.

Alan Corr