The trio of singer-bassist Sera Timms, guitarist Jason Bennett and drummer Kelly Johnston got together after the April 2010 ash cloud put the kibosh on a European tour by Timms' other band, Black Math Horseman. After listening to Constantinople, you could be forgiven for thinking that California's Ides of Gemini haven't seen daylight since.

In this gloom triangle, Timms' reach-for-the-rafters vocals are juxtaposed with Bennett's black metal-meets-Neil Young riffing and Johnston's minimalist drumming - along with the rub-the-arms chills comes the certainty that they have a warm acoustic album somewhere in them too.

Arguably, there are too many slow songs here - Bennett definitely has more to offer - but the intensity and intrigue of the best moments on Constantinople say this is just the start of something special.

Harry Guerin