Danes Rising were recent visitors to Ireland as part of a tour of the matchbox circuit. One spin of To Solemn Ash is all it takes to realise that they'll be bulldozing bigger venues very soon.

Mixing classic metal, Entombed's ragged gory (sic) and plenty of sludge, the trio's sound is rubble-creating, but moments here - the soloing on Cohorts Rise, the acoustic guitars amidst the chaos on Heir to the Flames - suggest they could become every bit as risk-taking and dynamic as Mastodon. Right now, they're brave enough to use a tambourine on the outro to Through the Eyes of Catalysis.

As commanding as frontman Henrik Waldemar Hald's growl is, it would be very interesting to hear him try 'clean' vocals the next time Rising decide to stress test a studio. After this, that record has a lot to live up to.

Harry Guerin