When it comes to a character-building, multi-coloured CV, Lettie could excite even the most dead-eyed of hacks and HR types and teach fame-hungry kids a thing or two about getting on with it. Prior to the release of Good Fortune, Bad Weather, the English singer made a wage as a chamber maid in a five-star hotel, as an assistant to an 80s star, as an extra on the Harry Potter movies and, best off all, as an apple picker with the drummer from Hawkwind.

As for what she can do on a record, well, her genre and decade-crossing sound puts many of today's monochrome pop acts to shame -it's shocking to discover that she had walked away from music completely before American producer David Baron helped get her back on track. They make a fine team and deserve any of that good fortune which comes their way. Mind you, it's doubtful Simon Cowell will be getting his grey t-shirt smocks in a twist with excitement: as a scathing indictment against the music industry, X Factor-kicking opener Swirl ("the end of music, long live ITV") is a hoot.

Lettie can, however, be as cuddly as she is cutting and throughout this album her talent for catchiness is apparent. She has included more songs than she needed to here, but you will find something to suit your summer.

Harry Guerin