Effortlessly classy Philly singer Melody Gardot spent time in the deserts of Morocco, the tango bars of Buenos Aires, and the streets of Lisbon as she was dreaming up this sun-kissed reverie of an album. Travel has sure broadened her horizons as songs like Mira blossom with agile Spanish guitar, harp, the thrum of double bass and a sizzling bossa nova sound. There are delicate touches everywhere - Amalia ends in birdsong, Lisboa shivers with chimes and piano, and when she does vamp it up on Goodbye it’s to the sound of lewd New Orleans jazz. Acoustic guitar, flutes, strings clarinet, harmonica and castanet create the mood of lazy days and warm, perfumed nights and Gardot’s come-to-bed voice slinks like a cat in and out of the languid arrangements. It’s sweet, restrained and sometimes mannered but you will keep thinking she’s going to break into The Girl from Ipanema at any moment. Which is always a very good thing.

Alan Corr