A great home for progressive rock, Kscope is one of those few labels whose album releases still feel like count-down-the-days, break-out-the-fireworks events. Their artists' music sounds pretty big too, and on Fog Electric Edinburgh-based North Atlantic Oscillation provide fanfares for the worried man aplenty.

The duo of Sam Healy and Ben Martin have said one of the record's main themes is "searching for meaning in a scientific, post-religious world", but don't go thinking that you need to be wide awake at 3am and re-reading the lyric sheet to get it: this is an accessible, ultimately uplifting experience that fuses pop and power, twists and turns from song to song and throws in Eighties-recalling vocals and keyboards to add to the allure.

Should a Scritti Politti and Mogwai co-headlining tour ever materialise, they need look no further for the perfect opening act.

Harry Guerin