Now that's what we call helpful: as in moniker, so in sound. Sure, some listeners may find it increasingly hard to admit that they were around buying records during the days in question. Those with more time on their side may not know much about the trailblazers from way back then, but Dublin duo Darren Moloney and Brian Rice (and their synths) can help with those bouts of where-did-the-time-go melancholia and inspire a different generation to brush up on their history. Pounds can also be shed - and prevented - dancing around to Wake up to the Waves' best bits, too.

Moloney and Rice are fans of electro haze and the life-affirming release that follows a big build-up; yet also manage to find room for their love of Afrobeat and surf music without becoming eggs-to-pudding victims. Even with those deft touches, you may find the class of '84 shines brightest on perhaps the album's most straightforward track, Kismet, a thumping instrumental which would fit perfectly on the superb soundtrack to Drive.

If it's cool enough for Ryan Gosling in a muscle car; imagine what it can do for you on the bus.

Harry Guerin