Having seen the inside of a van for 20 years with different bands, Torche mainman Steve Brooks could teach everyone from wannabes to CEOs a thing or two about perseverance. Brooks is, as the old punk chestnut goes, in it for life, and it would be nice to see him get his just reward - and more luxurious transport - with Harmonicraft. God (of Thunder) knows these songs will only add to the life of any lover of hard rock or metal.

Torche are as expert at 10-tonne heaviness as straight-to-the-heart hooks, and the sense of joy and devil-may-care energy here are turned up as high as the amps. 2008's Meanderthal was hailed as one of the records of that year, but there are even better songs on Harmonicraft. They move Torche right up the wishlist of bands to see live and prove what a great main stage festival band they could be if given the chance.

You'll pity anyone who has to go on after them.

Harry Guerin