This Scots quartet say they play “rock `n’ roll dance” music and if the trade’s descriptions act still had any clout, union chiefs would nod their approval. This marvellous debut has all the playfulness of Hot Chip and the sheer strangeness The Beta Band while also leaving you in no doubt that Django Django are a bunch of art school cool kids. Evidence of all this can be heard on Hail Bop with its disjointed rhythms, spangle-y guitar riff and massed harmonies and Default which comes on like an Indian war dance as held by a bank of sixties computers. Elsewhere, you’ll either find Zumm-Zumm, a listening experience akin of being trapped inside an antique arcade game, the height of cool or irritating in the extreme. The sophistication on show here doesn’t get in the way of memorable hooks and while there’s nowt new about mixing live instruments with electronics, Django Django manage to sound different, fresh and hugely enjoyable. Oh and yes, you will dance.

Alan Corr