The sheer awfulness of Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle’s solo output does not augur well for this debut from “the quiet one” from Girls Aloud. However, it’s Roberts who turns out to be the girl band star with the most attitude and most ideas.

Cinderella’s Eyes may shake and boom with production from Metronomy and Diplo (he turns Beat of My Drum into a wobbling slice of dance pop with a wicked grin) but it also features some brave and honest lyrics.

Roberts was always the Girl Aloud singled out for standing out from her band mates and she isn’t afraid to vent her spleen here – on Sticks + Stones she recalls her early days with the band with memories of being too young to buy a bottle of vodka but old enough to be told she’s ugly. On the swaggering Take a Bite she challenges her detractors once again but towering above all of it is i, a state of mind address worthy of Lily Allen for sly wordplay and palpable anger.

A stab at the Corgis immortal Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime is only saved from bpm overload by Roberts’ impressive voice and Say it Loud is another highlight - a windswept drama which morphs into a terrific club banger.

Above all Cinderella’s Eyes is a defiant cry of self belief against the haters who patrol the internet taking pot shots without taking a good hard look at their own lives.

Alan Corr