A pastor's smorgasbord as opposed to a curate's egg this one. Three CDs and 39 artists - some you'll wonder how you ever lived without; others may only get the one listen.

To Irish ears, the best known act is probably the much-missed Esbjörn Svensson Trio (Benny from ABBA's Orkester are also here), but their gorgeous From Gagarin's Point of View has leftfield equals in the after-hours atmospherics of Bazar Blå and Henrik Andersen's sitar boogie.

There's genre bending and earthiness aplenty for world music fans and those more accustomed to the pure drop on the Folk & Roots disc, while the Pop & Contemporary album offers some serious torchsongs and a sore head anthem called Alkohol.

Sadly, there's no room for metal and punk, but given the amount of talent that's come from up north – Entombed, Ghost, Kvelertak, Refused, to name but a few – that's another three-CD set entirely. Hint, hint...

Harry Guerin