When you look at the amount of categories at the recent Grammys, it's incredible that Greg Dulli hasn't won for his work with The Afghan Whigs, The Gutter Twins or The Twilight Singers. The 'Justice for Greg' campaign should gather plenty of momentum after 'Dynamite Steps' - you'll be signing your name, too.

This is a thrilling record, filled with colossal hooks ('Waves', 'On the Corner'), brilliant imagery ("the end of the summer burns upon your skin", "there's a man on the loose in your eyes") and Dulli's strongest vocal performance. That's every song, by the way.

If there was small hours agony about the sequencing or what to use or stockpile from the dozens of tracks Dulli wrote, the suffering has been worth it, because this journey through light and dark has the right amounts of each.

Genius as usual.

Harry Guerin