Let's hear it for reinvention. Michael 'Owensie' Owens, a former member of rockers Puget Sound and currently guitarist with Realistic Train, has become an apostle of hush.

His debut spreads the good word in style.

Owens has a lovely voice, does plenty of wow work on the frets and has surrounded himself with a group of players that bring out the best in each other - and him.

On more than one occasion the spirit of the much-missed American group Sensefield comes to mind (whether he has even heard them is another thing), with 'Ronda' as beautiful as the Spanish town it shares a name with and 'The Search' showing the thrills offered when Owens speeds things up.

These 'Aliens' deserve to be welcomed into your home. Let's just hope people can stay quiet at the gigs to give them the respect they deserve.

Harry Guerin