On her new album, Joan Wasser does something that's all too rare for singers these days: asks fans to take a leap of faith.

Those expecting a continuation of the acclaimed 'Real Life' and 'To Survive' could be confused at what happens in 'The Deep Field', as Wasser turns 40, looks on the bright side and brings her fascination with soul to the fore.

Crucially, though, it's Wasser's own take on soul - more playful than slick, still sensuous as anything but a real old fashioned headphone trip too. And while the glue on the likes of 'Run for Love' and 'Human Condition' mightn't set straight away, when it does...

Throughout there's a feeling that these songs deserve to belong to a better time for music but, as Wasser is so keen to share with anyone who's willing to listen, the magic in life is in enjoying the now.

This is the sound of one person not worrying about what anyone else is going to think and just following their heart. That's one kind of lovin' plenty of us can do with a bit more of.

Harry Guerin