If there was an award for releasing an album with perfect timing, Somadrone's Neil O Connor would be getting a speech ready.

While December is usually the no-no month for new music, 'Depth of Field' has proven to be a great soundtrack for wandering around in snow or nights in looking out. And with further downfalls expected, there should be more opportunities to experience that sense of wonder.

Crucially, the Redneck Manifesto man's music is never too cool for its own good; the mix of electronics, piano, strings, brass and acoustic guitars is always welcoming and accessible, with the tracks sounding like the offspring of long days. The beautiful, eastern-tinged 'Providence' and ramblers' anthem 'POV' show that O Connor has every right to be a very proud parent - hopefully he'll become broody again very soon.

In the meantime, your 'Best of 2010' list may have to be rewritten yet again.

Harry Guerin