Just as with Marvin, Barry, Roxy Music and The Cocteau Twins, there's a job for the number crunchers in the future calculating the amount of people whose existence will be part explained by a soundtrack of Sarah Rumer Joyce's debut album.

Even after a few weeks, 'Seasons of My Soul' sounds like a great reach-for record and in an era of too many flat pack acts and robo productions, it's a joy to hear someone who can do sensuous without the hard sell.

There's a real life-lived quality about Rumer's voice, her way with a line freeing up those windmills of the mind, however rusty they may be. With the gentlest of touches, love conundrums, spirituality and childhood memories are combined and spring is sprung every time.

Just the two of you or alone again naturally, this record is special

Harry Guerin