It's a pity that 'Hither Tither' is not available on vinyl, because it's one lp that many would be proud to be seen carrying under their arms.

It's also time to check the water down in the southeast - first Adebisi Shank release one of the in-your-face records of the year in August, and now O Emperor turn the clock back nearly four decades and show they're right at home in the beauty and craft of a classic era in music with their debut.

Whether laidback or ripping it up with a great guitar solo, 'Hither Thither' is just as thrilling, memorable and widescreen, with the quintet sounding like they're on record number three, not record number one.

No duff tracks, just lot of polish, attention to the small things and a desire to tell a good story, 'Hither Tither' deserves to own plenty of autumns and winters. Springs and summers too.

Harry Guerin