While you'll need a microscope to read it, the thanks list on Professor Green's debut album features one of the best shout-outs in rapper history. "Tim!," he writes, "You saw something in me early on. It's been a long road but we're here! Sorry for calling you from a police station on your honeymoon, I'll do my best not to let that happen again..."

A wide boy who wised up, Green's as cocky and cheeky as any kid down the back of a bus. Thankfully, there's talent behind the guff and the potential to deliver a lot more.

The poppiest songs and the big guest appearance from Lily Allen are in the early stages of 'Alive Till I'm Dead', but Green's at his best when he shares the mic with people you probably haven't heard of and gets all moody and introspective. If he can add more depth and grit to his voice, stronger and edgier material should come.

Tim's patience has been rewarded; take a chance and you will be too.

Harry Guerin