Bravely deciding not to call any big names in the contacts book, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons are joined only by American singer Stephanie Dosen and sounds from a robot and a horse on their seventh album. Don't worry: Dosen proves herself to be just as special a guest star as any of her illustrious predecessors; Rowlands' own vocals are a success, the horse and robot make a surprisingly compatible duo within the one track and 'Further' holds its own with anything in The Chemical Brothers' back catalogue.

In energy and thrills it recalls 'The Private Psychedelic Reel' from 1997's 'Dig Your Own Hole', with the freedom of cramped clubs and wide-open spaces brought to life in its 51 minutes. Best experienced every time from start to finish, there are only a few places to catch your breath, but the longer you listen to this synth odyssey the less you want to. And while there are short films to accompany each track, the movies in your own head will be just as exciting.

They may have lost some of their hearing but, 20 years in, Rowlands and Simons have lost none of their hunger. This is a great adventure to share or keep secret.

Harry Guerin