Searching for treasure in the world many call post-rock can be a time-swallowing and wallet-emptying experience. But from the moment galloping opener 'Backaches' explodes into a rockout Kilcoole's Enemies have you thinking that you've found it right on your own doorstep. By the end of the second track you're convinced.

Theirs is a joyous sound that offers as many opportunities for hip wiggling as head banging and says that the live show will have equal amounts of heavy sweat and great memories.

In an act of supreme but completely justified debut album confidence they save the very best until last: 'Creamist' and 'Morse Code' are moodswing epics and sandwiched between them 'Piano' shows off their potential to be future gods of thunder. And so begins the anxious wait for the follow-up.

Harry Guerin