Tom Waits' quote about his compositions being either grim reapers or grim weepers comes to mind while listening to Ann Scott's third album, and the different chills both provide are sometimes felt during the same song.

Four years separates 'Flo' from its predecessor, 'We're Smiling', with Scott sounding more enigmatic and determined to do it her way now than she did in 2006.

A long record, there are times when reducing the tracks from 14 to 10 seemed like the wisest move, but just as its creator was in no rush to bring this music into the open, so too should the listener be prepared to be won over in instalments.

'Always' and 'Under the Sun' are the best things Scott has written to date and the belief that this is a talent who has even more to surprise herself and others with keeps growing.

Brighter times ahead in the darkness.

Harry Guerin