A one-man-band with no fear and lots of great tunes, R.S.A.G.'s Jeremy Hickey reveals new depths on his third album. Feted for the quirky grooves and beats of 2008's 'Organic Sampler', Hickey has now channelled the spirit of old rock 'n' roll and the blues and found some of the most come hither bass lines this side of Chic.

The swagger that appeared from time to time two years ago on tracks like 'Talk Back Crawl Back' is now the norm: 'Be It Right or Wrong' is more dynamic and fun than any of Hickey's previous work and recalls the mischief making of cult Canadian act No Means No in places.

With Hickey having grown in confidence as a vocalist, and now able to wrap his croon around any arrangement, the question is does he stay behind the drum kit or jump out front and throw some shapes at the mic stand. But that's a nice one to have to answer, and this is a great record for firing up a night out or burning calories to at home.

Harry Guerin