So devoted are The Drums to certain British bands of the Eighties that you wonder why the New York-based quartet didn't go the whole hog and only release their debut on cassette and vinyl.

For older listeners there could be a battle between nostalgia and cynicism as images of the three-step shuffle on the youth club dance floor and that lad at school with all the albums who needed to get out in the sun more come flooding back. Younger ones, less exposed to heartache, expanding waistlines and the indie jangle, will fare better.

This is by-the-numbers stuff, and brings up the argument once again about the point of spending time on a copy of a copy of a copy when you could just play the originals. That said, 'Let's Go Surfing' and 'Book of Stories' show that while he's reliant on one idea, singer Johnny Pierce can write a catchy tune.

More imagination and risks could help Pierce's talent blossom beyond his record collection. Right now there are lots of heart-on-sleeve moments but not much soul.

Harry Guerin