If time travel was possible, and you went back with this CD to the Ireland of 1992 and said there were bands and solo artists like these 18 years up the way, stunned disbelief or dunking in the Liffey seem the likely outcome.

Whatever the ills and things lost in this country over the last two decades, one of the pluses was that acts became more confident - to go it alone, try new things and realise, to paraphrase a song, that the world wasn't something that seemed to happen somewhere else. You'll hear all those good things here.

Chances are you're not going to like everything (have a look at the tracklisting below), or might think that electro, trad and others needed representatives, but whether it's one track or probably a lot more, 'The New Breed' offers something that's in very short supply: optimism. To each and all, well done.

Harry Guerin